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First Run in Pittsburgh, PA!

I left Baltimore for Pittsburgh at the start of this week (Sunday) to attend a five-day long conference in the steel city. My friend and I made a pretty uneventful drive of it along 70W and 76W. On entering the city, however, we were treated to a lovely vista — this nugget of a city … Continue reading

Summer in Nigeria and Honduras; Baltimore for Good!

This summer, I was home in Nigeria for 3 weeks. Then, I returned to the US to train (not for a race this time!) with my (worship/missions) team at CTI in Minnesota. We spent the next month traveling across Honduras with JPC, playing concerts every day in churches, schools and parks. It was such a thrill … Continue reading

Squirrelslaughter on the run

While running back to campus after a workout with the head coach of the Winter Track (2010-11) team, tragedy struck. It was my first week as an assistant coach on the team. We’d just completed some hill sprints and were headed back to school. My head coach and I took a different turn; the students … Continue reading