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Back on the run, again!

After taking 18 months off due to a severe injury, I returned to running ways earlier this year. I currently run in the NB L1210s and the Altra Instinct 3.0. Reviews on these two pairs to come. So far, 388 miles in this year. Will post training details soon! Advertisements

First run with the Baltimore Pacemakers

Had a great morning yesterday with the Baltimore Pacemakers. We met at DelMarva’s Cafe at 7 am and I stuck with the 10-mile group, running the last three miles with awesome Robert, who paid for my breakfast at DelMarva’s when we got back! (We averaged 8:01 splits!) It was crazy meeting so many awesome runners … Continue reading

Summer in Nigeria and Honduras; Baltimore for Good!

This summer, I was home in Nigeria for 3 weeks. Then, I returned to the US to train (not for a race this time!) with my (worship/missions) team at CTI in Minnesota. We spent the next month traveling across Honduras with JPC, playing concerts every day in churches, schools and parks. It was such a thrill … Continue reading

Back on Road and Trail

Thankful to have finally recovered from a long-term ankle injury, and grateful for the will and the ability to run. It has just been fantastic getting back to feeling the cold breeze stroke my face while happily putting away the miles. With new shoes and months off the road and trail, I have found myself … Continue reading

Rest is good

Well, I’ve been officially off running for about 5 weeks now. Ankle’s getting better, but I want to rest it completely before starting off again. And I also need to buy the Instincts, when I can afford them! Haven’t posted for fear of turning this into a biking blog. I’ve had some 20/30-mile days. X-rays … Continue reading

Finally, Altra Instinct Back In Stock

It’s for real. The Instincts are back in stock. Check out at Altra Running. (I’m broke and I still can’t run — bad combination.) But don’t let these shoes run out on you. Men’s sizes run from 8 through 13. The women’s Intuition is also available (sizes 6 – 11).