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Back on Road and Trail

Thankful to have finally recovered from a long-term ankle injury, and grateful for the will and the ability to run. It has just been fantastic getting back to feeling the cold breeze stroke my face while happily putting away the miles. With new shoes and months off the road and trail, I have found myself relearning my stride, regaining strength and readjusting my habits to whip this body into shape.

The Altra Instincts, while not perfect shoes, have lived up to their billing. The zero drop is second to none. True minimalists may scoff, but for me, it has certainly provided the best compromise between support and barefoot. At first, I ordered online way back in November, but the 12.5s were too tight. The return process was long and arduous, and I did not want to risk ordering a size 13 that would not work any better. On my two-day New Year jaunt to DC, I took the opportunity to stop by Born To Run in Springhouse, PA. It took a while to settle on the Instincts, as the Lone Peaks came close (better stability but much heavier). The salesperson turned out to be a fellow Little Three alum of Wesleyan, so it was an interesting encounter for an Eph. Interestingly enough, I found a retired version of the Asics Hyper XCS at the store, which I grabbed with glee for just $40. I never thought I would see these again—my three-year favorites while at college.

My goal for the coming weeks is to rack up my weekly mileage to 30 miles. It is going to be tough juggling this with my other activities, but it should be worth it. As well, I look forward to resuming coaching duties with the track team at my school. Among my first races will be the 6K Institute Woods Trail Race at Princeton, and the Race to the Dream 5K at Hopewell.

And to my wonderful Algebra students—you make my day, every day, and it is awesome having each of you in class.

I hope to make a habit of getting out there before the sun comes out. Will post updates more often. And once I get a camera or camera phone, I should have more interesting posts and reviews.



One thought on “Back on Road and Trail

  1. This is why we have created ”How to Choose a Running Shoe” guide. You can just follow the guide step by step, and you will eventually be able to figure out which running shoes are best according to your needs.

    Posted by Tomas | September 11, 2012, 4:03 pm

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