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Rest is good

Well, I’ve been officially off running for about 5 weeks now. Ankle’s getting better, but I want to rest it completely before starting off again. And I also need to buy the Instincts, when I can afford them! Haven’t posted for fear of turning this into a biking blog. I’ve had some 20/30-mile days. X-rays … Continue reading

Finally, Altra Instinct Back In Stock

It’s for real. The Instincts are back in stock. Check out at Altra Running. (I’m broke and I still can’t run — bad combination.) But don’t let these shoes run out on you. Men’s sizes run from 8 through 13. The women’s Intuition is also available (sizes 6 – 11).

Instincts out within a week!

OK, just spoke to an Altra Running representative. The Instincts have been back-ordered till mid-July. They should begin shipping from the warehouse within a week. Now, that’s pretty good news. I’ve still not been able to do any serious running, although my legs are feeling much stronger. I can’t risk running in any of my … Continue reading

Weekly Report: July 3 – July 9

Mostly on the road through Sunday and Monday, so I could not run. On Tuesday, I realized I was going to pay a heavy price for the lakeside run in Chicago — my ankle still wasn’t 100%. After trying to run in my Enduros on Tuesday, I am even more resolved to wait for the … Continue reading

Weekly Report: June 26 – July 2

The plan was to take the whole week off to rest up my ankles completely. Right one is much better now. Left ankle is now beginning to act up, but everything should get better as I ease back into training. Also on a road trip this week to the Midwest. I may run barefoot with … Continue reading