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Training: June 12 – June 18

This was a rough week. My right ankle got screwed up from 10 days of running in my narrow-heeled NB Trail Minimus. Great shoes, by the way, but heel way too narrow, a problem compounded by the awkward arch support. I also had to deal with GERD early in the week. Grateful for it all, nevertheless.

Ten-mile long run (4 easy, 1.5 tempo, 2.5 easy, 1 tempo, brief recovery, strong finish); 7:30 mi/min pace. Ran in my Asics DS 15s without the insoles; aggravated right ankle injury, as feet slid around a lot without the added traction insoles provide. Had to take insoles off because of ill-fitting right heel. Otherwise, it was a good run. A smile was plastered on my face throughout.


Rest/Sick (bad reflux attack)

Brisk 3 mile warmup; 15-minute diagonals barefoot. Ran in my worn-out spikeless Asics Hyper XCs. Felt good.

Rest/Right ankle hurting badly; tried running in three different shoes but couldn’t go beyond a mile in any of them.

Rest/Upper-body gym workout

Ran approximately 3 miles with a friend while at a conference at Yale (New Haven). Ankle hurt on and off.



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