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First Run in Pittsburgh, PA!

First Run in Pittsburgh, PA!

I left Baltimore for Pittsburgh at the start of this week (Sunday) to attend a five-day long conference in the steel city. My friend and I made a pretty uneventful drive of it along 70W and 76W. On entering the city, however, we were treated to a lovely vista — this nugget of a city … Continue reading

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  • After taking 18 months off due to a severe injury, I returned to running ways earlier this year. I currently run in the NB L1210s and the Altra Instinct 3.0. Reviews on these two pairs to come. So far, 388 miles in this year. Will post training details soon!
  • I know I've promised reviews in the past, but I will be putting up a review on the Instincts within the next week. These awesome zero-drop shoes have completely changed everything!
  • Had a great morning yesterday with the Baltimore Pacemakers. We met at DelMarva's Cafe at 7 am and I stuck with the 10-mile group, running the last three miles with awesome Robert, who paid for my breakfast at DelMarva's when we got back! (We averaged 8:01 splits!) It was crazy meeting so many awesome runners within a space of 3 hours, including the amazing leader, Bob Hilson! Needless to say, I'll be hitting the streets every Saturday morning with the Pacemakers from now on. They also have a Wednesday morning track workout at Gilman School (5:30)! Should also be fun!
  • Well, I've been officially off running for about 5 weeks now. Ankle's getting better, but I want to rest it completely before starting off again. And I also need to buy the Instincts, when I can afford them! Haven't posted for fear of turning this into a biking blog. I've had some 20/30-mile days. X-rays revealed nothing about my ankle, so I may get an MRI soon just to be absolutely sure before I resume running. I'm learning a lot about rest in the meantime.
  • OK, just spoke to an Altra Running representative. The Instincts have been back-ordered till mid-July. They should begin shipping from the warehouse within a week. Now, that's pretty good news. I've still not been able to do any serious running, although my legs are feeling much stronger. I can't risk running in any of my current shoes. The Instincts had better live up expectations. (I'm sure they will.) I'll be pre-ordering mine this week. Better to do so, too, so you can get yours as soon as the shipment arrives. I'll be mostly on my bike till then.
  • Coming soon: reviews on Asics Piranha SP 3 and Asics Gel-Hyperspeed 4.
  • Right ankle is healing. Will wait a couple more days before hitting the road or trail again. Working in some biking!
  • Unfortunately, the Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 didn't work for me. The arch support felt rather painful, and the shoes were pretty stiff. The heel wasn't too high off the ground, but the drop was significant. Couldn't run or walk comfortably in these, so had to return them, sadly. Make no mistake, though: these shoes are stylish. They looked so good on my feet, but I really couldn't afford to keep them. Next trial: Asics Gel-Hyperspeed 4.
  • Just got my new (Asics) Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 from Zappos in exchange for the Brooks Ghost 3, which were horribly bulky. Zappos shipped my exchange item the same day I processed the return (yesterday) without even waiting to receive the item. Awesome! The white/peacoat/black color scheme on the Ultimate 81s is gorgeous. Even better, the shoes fit perfectly. I'm going to go running in them this afternoon and we'll see how they feel. Excited!